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Special Needs

Lic. No. LMFT 53035

Families with Special Needs

Raising a child with Special Needs can have both incredible rewards and challenges.

Somehow you find the time, energy, and resources to be “super parent.”  You are intent on providing your child with Special Needs the best in life and are determined to do so with every fiber of your being…no matter what it takes.

If you are feeling overwhelmed with:

...I can help.


Through my therapeutic work with families over the past decade, I understand that you want to do everything within your power for your child with Special Needs.  I have felt your sense of urgency, your desperation, your guilt, your despair, your isolation, your anxiety, and your depression. I have also witnessed your joys, determination, and  your fierce love.

Allow me to partner with you to face your struggles and assist you in finding calm, confidence, hope, support, and  balance. 

Special Needs may include:

I offer counseling and support for:

Issues I work with include:

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